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So you are a natural health care professional and helping people is your passion! You have made it your life mission to help as many people as possible get out of pain and into wellness, naturally, without drugs or surgery.

The problem is, you may be an expert and good at what you do, but how do you reach the people who are in need of your services? Seminars, public events, and networking meetings can be highly time-consuming and uncomfortable. Mass advertising in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, and other medium can be very costly and risky.

Thankfully, there are better ways to generate a constant flow of new patients who are in desperate need of what you have to offer. And they DON’T need to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of time. Wellnesspro Marketing offers turn-key, affordable ways to get your your message out.

If you’ve got your marketing in hand, maybe you wish your clinic was better organized, had better systems and procedures, or you need more capable staff. Wellnesspro can help.

How Do I Reach New People?
New Patient Marketing Services

Let’s face it, the public is overwhelmed with thousands of advertising images and sounds wherever they go. Many professionals run the typical “Look at me, I’m the nice guy” ads. Big deal. If you want results, you have to get noticed. On top of that, you have to know how to get the consumer to take action NOW. Our approach is to help you accomplish this and then build relationships with your prospective patients which gets them to pick up the phone to call you for help. Our new patient marketing services include:

- Internal (in-clinic) Marketing
- Direct Response Marketing
- Internet Marketing
- Various External Marketing methods

How do I keep my existing patients coming back?
Referral Marketing and Patient Retention Services

As a practitioner, you know the value of a good patient who keeps coming back and referring. They are your ambassadors, carrying your message into their communities and letting people know there is a better way to achieving optimal health. How do you create more of these patients? How do you keep the ones in need of ongoing care from dropping off? How do you offer them more products and services to better their health? We believe one highly effective method is staying in communication with your patients. Our referral marketing and retention services include:

Patient database/mailing list creation & maintenance.
Patient Retention Direct Response Newsletter Service – email and regular mail
Patient Reactivation Communication Service – email or regular mail.
Patient Referral Generation Service – email or regular mail.

How Do I Hire the Best Staff and Have an Efficient Clinic?
Hiring and Clinic Organization Services

You may have all the patients you need, but don’t feel you have the best staff to serve them. Or you may feel your clinic is disorganized and in need of procedures and processes to keep things running efficiently. If your clinic is not firing on all cylinders, your patients may not be getting the best care they need, and significant revenue opportunities are likely being lost. We can help with both areas as we have extensive experience in recruiting the best staff as well as developing comprehensive clinic procedures and systems.

Recruitment Services
Hiring people is easy. Hiring the right ones takes a lot of time and effort. Making a hiring mistake can cost you time and money. Working closely with you, we’ll take the time to understand your challenges, goals, and what your ideal team members look like. We can handle the entire recruitment process for you; writing the job description, posting the ads, screening the resumes, and interviewing the candidates.

Organizational Services
Does your staff know what they need to do? Do you have formalized training systems and procedures in place? If not, your team is likely wasting a lot of time and effort needlessly. Documented processes and procedures help keep everyone organized ensuring things get done right. They also help new staff members ramp up quickly, saving you weeks of ramp-up.

After getting to know you and your operation, we can develop custom processes and procedures which will help free you of wasted time and stress. The aim is to help you focus more on patient care and less on administration.

Future Services

Seminar & Screening Team Booking
Marketing Training Events for Doctors and staff
Administrative Support

Fees: Choices to Suit Your Needs

We recognize each client is different and that high quality marketing is often not affordable to many practitioners. Therefore we offer you the following fee structures;

20 Minute Phone Initial Consultation – Free
This consultation is designed to determine your overall challenges and goals. We will listen carefully to establish an understanding of your needs and let you know how we could help. If your needs are beyond our scope, we will tell you.

Initial Clinic Visit & Needs Assessment - $250 + travel costs
We spend 2 hours with you at your clinic to understand your situation and needs. We then follow up with a report and recommendations including cost estimates. You may then proceed to act on the recommendations on your own without any further assistance from us, or hire us to perform some or all of them. You may also opt for occasional phone consultations to help you along.

Option A: Hourly Consulting Fee
We charge hourly for consulting and marketing services (plus expenses). Rates depend on the project size, if there is a monthly retainer, or if you are a repeat client.

Option B: Reduced Hourly + Contingency Fee
For some marketing projects, the hourly consulting fee may be reduced significantly in lieu of a percentage of new revenue we help create for you. You cover marketing hard costs and expenses such as advertising, mailings, expenses. Clients wishing to participate in this fee structure must meet certain criteria.




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